Address : PLAI Headquarters, Room 301, 3F,
The National Library of the Philippines Building,
T.M. Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila 1000, Philippines
Tel. No. : (632) 8 525-9401
Fax No. : (632) 8 525-9401
Email : [email protected]

Contact Person
: Mr. Michael A. Pinto
Brief Description :

The Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. (formerly known as the Philippine Library Association) is the only nationally accredited professional organization of librarians in the Philippines to date. At present, it serves as the umbrella organization for all library groups in the country.

Association dedicated to pursue exellence in library management and information system. To give librariance and educators more insights in proper information management and archiving.

Profile of Members : Licensed librarians
Total Membership : 670
Objective/s : To encourage and promote the collection, organization and dissemination of information on research and academic library work;

To develop the usefulness and efficiency of these types of library service and librarianship;

To enhance the professional welfare and mutual aid among its members.