Conduct of Tourism Advocacy Tour For Public Senior High school teachers
Date16-17 November 2019 / 30 November - 01 December 2019
Brief Description

Travel is inherently unequal.  Clearly for people who live a substance lifestyle, or whose monthly wage is entirely devoted to keeping food on the table for family-travel, as we see it, is out of the question.  Rich essentially are given opportunities in places where local people are not.

It is a long way off from making sure that anyone who wants to travel can- but new domestic tourism advocacy initiative by TPB is springing up that may allow at least some underprivileged Filipino teachers to see more of the place they live in.

“Tara na Biyahe Tayo” program is an idea of democratizing travel by organizing a trip for underprivileged Public Senior high school teachers.

The objective of the program is to broaden participant horizons that can help them realize that there are lots of possibilities for them in the world beyond that of which they might be aware of.  The program also instills a culture of tourism and a sense of Pride of Place for the participants.

Project Officer

Michelle S. Alcantara
Tel:  +632 5259318  loc 244