Kasanggayahan Festival
DateOctober 1 - 31
VenueSorsogon, Sorsogon
Brief Description

The Kasanggayahan Festival is largest celebration for the whole province of Sorsogon. It commemorates the dedaralion of Sorsogon as a province. This festival is included in the Department of Tourism’s list of festivals and celebrations in the Philippines. Wrth the term “kasanggayahan· meaning prosperity, the festival showcases the local products including products from the pili tree and other agricultural products.

The Pantomina sa Tinampo is one of the features of the Kasanggayahan Festival that makes it different from the other thanksgiving festivals in the country. Pantomina sa Tinampo is a native regional dance, which is the dance of the doves. This pantomime (pantomina) dance of love and courtship is done on the streets (tinampo). because of which it was month-long celebration commemorating Sorsogon·s Foundation Dav.