Sunggod Ta KaManga
DateFebruary 18-19
VenueDoña Ressing Park, Quezon Bukidnon
Brief Description

Sunggod Ta Kamanga” is a celebration of Manobo culture. It is a tradition of lumads in preparation of farm activities and farm implements. Live chicken and pig are sacrificed. Their blood spread on farm tools and asking the “Mambabaya’ (GOD) for the safety and for the abundant harvest through rituals.

A series of activities highlighted by the street dancing and tableau competition, Paratuan Ritual (installation of New Ethnic Leader), Padtungan ta Kasal Ritual ( A tribal Wedding Ceremony). Tribal people from the Manobo Pulangihon and Manobo Matigsalog of the rich and progressive first-class Municipality of Quezon in the province of Bukidnon were joined by the convergence of over a thousand visitors, spectators, and tourists.