TPB-PR 2022-12-516 Services of Tour Operator for the TPB Regular Board of Directors’ Meeting
RFQ for TPB Regular Board of Directors Meeting
V3Terms of Reference-Regular Board of Directors Meeting in February 2023
List-of-all-Ongoing-Government (4)
TPB-PR 2022-12-514 Shipment of Promo Mats in Connection with the Philippines Participation in the Boot Dusseldorf and ITB Berlin 2023
TPB-RFQ_2022.12.514 pr 11.059
TPB-PR 2022-12-512 Catering Services for the International Ecotourism Travel Mart (IETM) 31 March 2023
RFQ2022.12.512 - catering services for IETM
TPB-PR 2022-12-511 Services of Tour Operator for the Conduct of Malaysia Media Familiarization Trip to Cebu and Bohol (1st Quarter)
RFQ2022.12.511 - Tour Operator - Malaysia
TPB-PR 2022-12-498 Supply and Delivery of MICECON 2023 Safety kits, Prizes and Tokens
RFQ2022.12.498 - Safety Kits, Prizes and Tokens
TPB-PR 2022-12-506 Supply and Delivery of Purified Drinking Water
RFQ2022.12.506 - Purified Drinking Water
TPB-PR 2022-12-505 Services of Tour Operator for Hong Kong Media Familiarization Trip in Cebu and Bohol (2nd Quarter of 2023)
RFQ2022.12.505 - Tour Operator - Hongkong
TPB-PR 2022.12.510 (3rd Post) Supply and Delivery of Food & Beverage, and Logistical Requirements for the Army Navy club 200 200/50 Endurance Race
TPB-RFQ 2022.12.510_Club 200
TPB-RFQ 2022.12.510 Technical Specifications
TPB-PR 2022.12.505 Design, Development, and Maintenance of the TPB’s Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conventions, Exhibitions (M.I.C.E.) Website
TPB-PR 2022.12.505_MICE Website
TPB-PR 2022.12.505 Terms of Reference
TPB-PR 2022-11-503 Services of Tour Operator for Domestic Invitational Program – PTIP
RFQ No. 2022.11.503 Services of a Tour Operator for the Domestic Invitational Program-Philippine Tourism Influencers Program
Bid Form for the Procurement of Goods
List-of-all-Ongoing-Government (3)
Omnibus Sworn Statement(Revised) (3)
Price Schedule for Goods Offered from Within the Philippines
Format of Curriculum Vitae (1)
Statement of all Government & Private Contract which are similar in nature (3)
Single Largest Completed Contract (SLCC)